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New season. New site. New beginnings.


With spring upon us, change is inevitable. The air gets that little bit fresher, the sun a little bit warmer and the withering gardens of London’s many parks all come to life in screaming colour.

At Porsche Centre West London, a much more monumental change is upon us. For the first time since Porsche Centre West London opened in 1992, a full redevelopment and extension of the centre is taking place, with the first stage of the new Aftersales building having finished completion late last year.

With the redevelopment of the showroom now underway, all of our staff made the big move over the road to the new Aftersales building on March 23.

While moving can be chaotic and somewhat tedious in any case, all of the staff at West London are looking forward to a fresh start in our brand new modern site, which promotes the latest state of the art technology, energy efficiency and displays an aesthetic exterior design that matches the sleek and astonishing simplicity of any Porsche car.

The most impacting change that we will experience amidst this redevelopment will not be in physical form. At Porsche Centre West London, we are always looking to grow and evolve as both a business and individuals in our own roles and that is something we aspire to take with us across the road.